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Archived article by Jay Sylver -

The computer always stores large amount of data in its Hard disk. The PC records all computing activities along with many other   programs. These programs include the websites visited, the images and videos ever seen, the files that are recently opened in Office or any other applications. The track of all these activities are stored in the hard disk and anyone with a relatively little of PC knowledge could use the computer to get their hands on these information.

What will happen if this information goes out of the computer and made public? Is there any method or software to solve the question? Windows XP cleaner is the best solution i.e. Windows XP cleaner is the software which is the best answer to the above question. Windows XP cleaner protects the personal documents from curious eyes. Windows XP cleaner cleans up all the tracks of the works that are kept while working on Windows. Windows XP cleaner cleans up the tracks while surfing the Internet. Windows XP cleaner also removes the cookies left by spy ware. Thus Windows XP cleaner gives a peace of mind by eliminating traces of computing and Internet activities. Windows XP cleaner eliminates a variety of junk files that gets accumulated over time and wastes the hard drive space.

Much Windows XP cleaner software simply deletes basic information such as the browser history. Most of the Windows XP cleaner forget about hidden files and history of the popular software, from WinZip, Adobe Acrobat to Microsoft Office that store personal, incriminating evidence. Windows XP cleaner also force to download tons of plug-ins and needs a time consuming configuration. So a good Windows XP cleaner is required for this purpose, which will clean all of the above-mentioned files every time it is run. The option “No more History” runs automatically when the computer gets started and thus no extra time is consumed.

“No More History” option of Windows XP cleaner is really required if a business person doesn't want his colleagues to know what Web sites he has visited, if a student doesn't want his fellow mates to know about the Internet files he had opened, or if a home user wants to keep the history of files, videos, and music private.

“All Tracks Gone” option of Windows XP cleaner cleans all Internet privacy history cache registry and files that one wants as private. Clean Window washer (Windows XP cleaner) is such a Windows XP cleaner that protects the privacy by erasing the tracks automatically during the times one choose, with only the choose settings from easy to use application. This Windows XP cleaner erases windows secret index.dat file, windows temp directories and files, recent file list, windows media player recent files, real player recent file. This Windows XP cleaner is a highly intelligent engine to scan the hard disk & to improve the PC’s performance. To use Windows XP cleaner there is no need to know about the system and file types. Thus with only a mouse click, it will clean all the junk files quickly and safely. This Windows XP cleaner is designed for all windows.

Windows XP cleaner Software’s are available in the web free of cost. Windows XP cleaner cleans and compress registry so that the computer run faster and with less errors or system halts.

Index.dat (Windows XP cleaner) allows finding, inspecting and deleting all index.dat files on the computer. The index.dat files are used by Internet Explorer to store references to previously visited web sites and cookies. They are not deleted by simply emptying the browser cache, but require manual deletion. This little tool (Windows XP cleaner) makes it easy to find the files, view the content of them and then optionally delete all or selected index.dat files. The Windows XP cleaner software mainly deletes the index.dat file so that any one cannot trace Internet activity at all.

Looking for the ULTIMATE tool to clear hard drive porn?
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